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Advanced Diploma of Translating----March 27th Intake----Orientation Day


INTAKE DATE:   March 27th 2016

Please attend ONE of the following orientation sessions: 

3:00PM     MONDAY   27 March

3:00PM     WEDNESDAY  29 March

Before the orientation day, students will be required to apply for a USI. The application form to apply for a USI is sent to students' email boxes provided for us at the time of application. Students must follow the steps written on the form to apply for a USI and bring this form on the Orientation Day.

On the day of the Orientation, students are expected to arrive at the college reception at least 30 minutes before the orientation start time with the following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa
  3. Completed USI form

It is important that all the students attend the orientation and commence the course within 2 weeks. Failure to commence the course within 2 weeks will result in having the student’s enrolment terminated.